Green Screens In Education

Green screens in education are something that have been taking off in the past few years. They offer a world of opportunities for bringing education to life, capturing your children’s imagination and taking education into the future.


The basic principle is filming children against a green backdrop, this could be acting, shooting newsroom footage or presenting to camera. The footage is then edited and the green background is replaced with still images or video footage. This can place the students on the moon, driving a car, flying, in a BBC studio, etc. This can be a complicated and expensive process. Primary ICT and Media provide a simple, cost effective solution to give you a finished product start to finish in as little as 15 minutes.

Some people get a piece of green paper, shoot against it and try to work like that, this can be done it is cheap and will give you a very rough film. However there are many reasons why this doesn’t work to give a polished result. Our professional green screen backdrop has been specially selected to ensure your finished result is A1.

Making use of our green screen, professional lighting and an iPad with specialist apps we will show you how to shoot, edit and publish your video in no time. This can be shared to the school website, YouTube, social media or saved for use in school. The power of this product really is unlimited and allows your teaching staff to maximise their creative side.

Before now green screen technology has been out of the reach of Primary schools due to it’s price point. High end editing equipment and specialist skills have been required. Primary ICT & Media can now deliver this product at an attractive and affordable price allowing Primary schools to really flourish.

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