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Favourite Blogs

We have compiled a list of our Top 10 British educational blogs. There are some amazing educational blogs from around the globe. We have focused on British blogs purely because our readers tend to be in the UK and the content is more relevant to their lessons and the resources they need.

We haven’t put these blogs in a ranking order, this is simply a collection of our favourites.

If you have any comments or think we have missed a really good one please get in touch through Twitter @primaryictmedia

The List

@TeacherToolkit – Ross Morrison McGill Deputy Headteacher in an inner-city London school writers this blog. Not only is he an award winning teacher from 2004 as voted by the Guardian he is also a former SSAT D&T lead practitioner. His website, articles and TES resources have aquired over 2.5 million readers to date! These are across 189 countries and his resources have been used in 138. This blog is really making an impact. He is on Twitter @TeacherToolkit and is a regular in the #SLTchat sessions. You can find his blog here

Magical Maths – Established in early 2007, this website is a great hub for teachers about mathematics. With thousands of visits a day, teachers collaborate, share best practise and resources. A fantastic site if Maths is your subject. You can find the blog here

The Learning Spy – David Didau’s English blog has lots of thought provoking articles and up to the minute happenings around the subject of English. He also has a selection of books on the subject on offer, including “The perfect Ofsted English lesson” and “The secret of literacy”. You can find his blog here

Technology Enhanced Learning – David Hopkins blog is based around his discoveries working with students and staff in Higher Education. Using technologies such as eLearning, mLearning, Web 2.0, Collaboration, he makes use of his blog and social media to connect with like minded people. You can find his blog here

ICTEvangelist – Mark has a very active following on his blog along with on Twitter. @ICTEvangelist He blogs about everything to do with teaching and learning related to technology. Always a useful guy to contact if you are in need of an idea or have a question. You can find his blog here

I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE HERE! This is one we have recently discovered, Juliet Robinson one of Scotland’s leading education specialists uses this blog to talk, help others and share some fantastic ideas on outside learning. She believes in creating outdoor spaces across the school, normally just found in foundation stage. She has fantastic ideas about how to do this on a budget and making use of natural resources. You can find her blog here

Class Think – This is a great place for IT professionals working in education to share ideas and collaborate. It provides information for teachers but focuses mainly around technical IT professionals in education. It can however be a fantastic resource for teachers with an interest in the technical side of IT especially those where technical support staff in schools are limited. You can find the blog here.

PEPRN – This is one for physical education. The idea of the site is to bring together practitioners, coaches and volunteers on a global scale to discuss best practise, ideas and help each other with the subject of PE. It isn’t everyones taste on first look as it doesn’t have fantastic graphics, and aesthetics but the content is very good. You can find the blog here.

Oliver Quinlan – Now a lecturer at university, his blog draws on his experience from teaching in Early Years in Primary School. Also his technical support and Music background.  A nice well rounded blog as it features the technical support side of education along with education for educators. You can find the blog here

My Languages – To finish off with a MFL blog. Isabelle Jones is the head of MFL in the North West of England, she has Primary and Secondary experience. In this blog she provides help, resources and information on upcoming events regarding MFL across the country. You can find the blog here.


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