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So we get asked all the time for a list of top educational apps. We thought we would do a short blog post to list some of our favourites.

MiniSchool App

MiniSchool App

1) MiniSchool – Its’ great for children aged 4-6, it makes learning maths and english easy and fun. Its great for the children as they spend hours playing having fun but yet learn all the way. It overs rhyming, colours and much more. There is a free lite version of the game available or the full version is £2.

Word Wizzard App

Word Wizzard App

2) Word Wizzard – This is one for the older children, based on scrabble tiles they use the tiles to spell words on screen. You can add in your own words for your children to spell and it tracks their progress. It’s very visual and displays graphics and animations on screen when they get a word correct. £1.99.

Splash Math - App

Splash Math – App

3) Splash Math – Geared for children around 9-11, especially useful for children who enjoy visual learning, it really captures their attention. Again another one that will keep track of progress for the parents to review. Best of all it’s free.

Reading Raven - App

Reading Raven – App

4) Reading Raven – This is fantastic for teaching the children phonics step by step. Again a very visual app, teachers love this app due to it’s clear pronunciation of the letters. A little dearer than the rest but well worth it. £2.99

Percy Parker - App

Percy Parker – App

5) Percy Parker – Percy is a great little singer, he has a song for every times table, making learning fun and memorable. In no time at all you too will have these songs stuck in your head. A great way to learn the times tables for your child. Only 69p.

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